Who are the digital nomads?

Digital nomadism is a recent-decade phenomenon that faces increasing popularity and a growing abundance of followers all over the developed world. Put shortly, digital nomads are people who can smoothly manage their professional responsibilities from any given point around the globe, as long as they have a stable and reliable Internet connection.

Some of the most common types of specialists accepting this kind of “nomadic” lifestyle are web designers, programmers, digital marketers, and online assistants, copywriters, artists, editors, etc. According to some recent studies, the number of digital nomads worldwide has already exceeded five million people.

Digital nomads are citizens of the world – they combine business with leisure, typically by performing their duties from a temporary residence, from various cafes, libraries, shared offices, and exotic locations around the world. What makes Bulgaria is the ideal destination for this professional group – find out in the following paragraphs.

What are the advantages of Bulgaria as a destination for digital nomads?

In fact, Bulgaria is already a very trendy temporary residence for a considerable number of digital nomads, and there are some quite solid reasons why. Here are the aspects of our country that appear attractive to the new generation of “citizens of the world”:

  • Very affordable cost of living, especially when contrasted with the earnings of these types of specialists. According to various studies, the average annual income of digital nomads is between $ 50,000 and $ 100,000, with one in five of them earning a lot more.
  • Relatively inexpensive property rentals and low-priced real estates. Although the locals will hardly agree, the truth is that buying a single-family home in Bulgaria could only cost a few months’ salaries to specialists in the sector, especially if their employers are mostly foreign.
  • Bulgaria is one of the world’s leaders regarding the speed and stability of the Internet connection. Along with the affordable service rates, the excellent coverage, and flexible ISPs, this is a good foundation for both outsourcing IT services and hosting professionals for whom this advantage is essential.
  • Last but not least, Bulgaria provides unique opportunities for quick “change in landscape” on the territory of the country itself. The rich natural diversity, seized in such a small geographical area, allows one to find himself on the seashore, in the heart of the mountains, in the bustling city center, or an intimate little resort within a few days. All of this could happen in a comfortable, fast, and economical manner.

One of the most recent developments of the digital nomadism niche in Bulgaria is the construction of the so-called IT villages in the mountainous regions of the country. These are places where both Bulgarians and foreigners can enjoy our countryside while smoothly operating on their professional commitments. Often, those digital nomads work as “freelancers”. This means that they have to pay their own social security taxes. Their clients, on the other hand, require invoices, therefore the nomads may need to register a company. We at MKAfinance help our clients, digital nomads, to keep their accounting correct and avoid mishaps in the future. We will gladly help you too!

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