Calculating working time

Working time – the period the employee is available to his employer. In the working time the time to travel to work is not included and the time to prepare for work is not included.

Working week is from Monday to Sunday

Normal working day is 8 hours

Normal Working week 40 hours

Total calculation of working time – calculation of working time which can be estimated in period One month, two months or up to six months.

One days or weeks can be longer and this difference to be compensated in the other period.

No agreement is needed from the employees to make Total calculation of working time.

There has to be an order for start Total calculation of working time, which consist:

  • The starting period
  • The total period should be written in the Order (which should be exact)
  • People responsible for the total calculation of working time
  • People who will make the working schedule. The names of the employees should be written.

Working schedule:

  • The working schedule should be prepared for the whole period of the Total calculation of working time in hours
  • In the working schedule only, the people who are Total calculation of working time have to be included. The working schedule should stay in the place where are the workers. The working schedule have to be kept for u to three years.
  • Employees should sigh that the are familiars with the working schedule.
  • The changes in the working schedule should be included when they are made or expected.

Reporting is made in the last period for the Total calculation of working time. The new employees are calculated in the first period. It an employee is terminating the job then the calculation is estimated till his last day in work.

Calculating overtime

The overtime is calculated and declared in the last period of the Total calculation of working time.

If there is less working time calculated then the employees can get no less than the monthly salary.

Working usual daily time is 8 hours. Normal night working time is 7 hours. Recalculation from night to day time is 8 / 7 = 1,143 per hour.

The overtime us paid with 50% more in Total calculation of working time, because we can not know whether the overtime is in the night or day.

For every work hour is additionally paid minimum 0.25 BGN.

The paid leave in Total calculation of working time is calculated like a 8hours working day. Not more then 8 hours per day from NOI.

The overtime should be declared in the National Working Inspection ones per year till 31.01 of the next year. It can be declared by letter or in the office of IT. Only the over working hour are declared, not the paid amount for it and without recalculation of the night to day hours.

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