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Company changes

If you are in the process of looking for solutions to make company changes of any nature, we at MKA Finance are here!

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When setting up a company it is difficult to foresee all the potential changes in the future. It is possible that at some point your business may need company changes due to a change of address, company name or other change in circumstances.

These changes often require dedicated time, energy and awareness. To save you all this, we can assist you in providing all services related to company changes in all aspects of your business.

  • Registration of companies under the Companies Act;
  • Change in the legal circumstances of registered companies
  • Change company name
  • Change of subject of activity
  • Changing or entering a phone number or email at the Registry Agency
  • Change in the way the company is managed
  • Commercial representation;
  • Preparation and filing of annual financial statements with the register of companies.
  • Establishment of subsidiaries and/or branches in Bulgaria

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Why are company changes needed?

Company changes are common in the dynamic business world.

It is important to be familiar with the reasons that may necessitate them, as well as the procedures for carrying them out.

Timely and correct execution of company changes is a guarantee for the smooth functioning of your business.

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Expansion of the activity may require a change of the subject of activity, the name of the company, the address of the management, an increase in the capital. Entering a new market is often a fundamental factor in subsequently changing the company name to make it more recognisable.

While changing the niche also necessitates updating the line of business and/or company name.

The entry of a new partner may require a change in capital, ownership and management. The departure of a partner and the transfer of ownership are also factors that necessitate corporate changes such as a change in capital and management.

● Changes in legislation may require a change in the name, object of business, capital, method of management, other.
● Demands for better transparency may require changes in governance and ownership structure.
The services we offer for self-insured persons in Bulgaria include the following aspects:

● Change of image -> change of company name, logo.
● Move to new premises -> change of management address.
● Merger or division of companies -> change in ownership, company name, capital, management.

Conversion of EOOD into LTD - procedure

Probably one of the most obscure procedures for most people is precisely the conversion of an LLC into an LLC and vice versa – from an LLC into an LLC. When unclear and uninformed there are risks of unpleasant consequences, delays and unexpected results.

That is why it is advisable to trust an expert for re-registration of an LLC into an LLC or vice versa. Our specialists follow a rigorous and proven process that includes the following steps.

In the first instance, it is necessary to create a conversion plan which will be notarised. This plan includes a draft of the new articles of association or memorandum of association of the newly established company. When completed, the plan will be verified by an entrusted person appointed by the company’s governing body or by the company’s shareholders.

As soon as the sole owner of the capital or the general meeting of shareholders reaches a conclusion on the change, it can be made in the legal form.

The decision concerns the approval or changes to the conversion plan, the adoption of the articles of association of the newly established company as well as the election of the managing bodies.

The converting company is dissolved without liquidation while the new company becomes its successor.

Сняма на адрес на фирма - Фирмени промени

Change of company address

In order to successfully implement a change of address or change of registered office of a company, it is necessary to change the address of the company in the Commercial Register.

The procedure is similar to that involved in changing a company name. A visit to a notary is not required, nor is the presentation of a contract for the use of the property.

We will take care of your company's address in the fastest and most efficient way.

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Change company name

For one reason or another, your company may need to change its official name. This could be the result of a change of management, a necessary adaptation to changes in the market or other reasons.

In the procedure of changing the name of the company it is not mandatory to submit notarized documents. The documents that will be required include:

  • Protocol-solution
  • New Constitutive Act
  • Declarations by manager
  • Power of attorney for a lawyer

We can help you handle your company name change in the fastest and safest way. Our experienced specialists will assist you and be by your side throughout the entire process.

Why choose us for changes of circumstances in your company?

With years of experience, our specialists know exactly what to do to secure a change of registered office or other change of circumstances, saving our clients time and money.

Our offices are located in. Our offices are located in Sofia, but we offer services for the whole country and for English-speaking countries through online solutions. We also offer some of the most affordable services on the market as we believe every business deserves access to such expert services. You can count on us for flexibility, fast responses and reliable results.

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