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 What we can do:

No matter how new or experienced your business is, there could come a time when you face significant company changes that could lead to the necessity of a company name change, a change of management in companies, change of business address, and more. In such circumstances, it’s important to act quickly and ensure that your company details are legally changed to avoid potential problems and risks.
Our team of qualified professionals can help you with all services related to company changes in all aspects of your business. Some of our core services include:

  • Registration of business companies in compliance with the Companies Act;
  • Change in legal circumstances of registered companies;
    • Change of company name
    • Change of objects
    • Change or registration of telephone or e-mail in the Registry Agency;
    • Change in the manner of management of the company;
  • Commercial representation;
  • Preparation and submission of annual financial statements in the Companies Register.
  • Establishing subsidiaries and/or branches in Bulgaria

 Change business name

For one reason or another, your company may need to undergo a company name change. This may be the result of a change of management, the need to adapt to changes in the market or other reasons. If you want to change a limited company name, it is not obligatory to present notarized documents during the procedure of changing the name of a company. The documents that will be needed include:

  • A decision protocol
  • New memorandum of association
  • A declaration from management
  • Power of attorney for a lawyer

We can help you quickly and successfully go through the process of changing your business name in the fastest and most secure way. Our experienced specialists will assist you and will be by your side throughout the process.

 Change Business address

In order to be able to successfully change a company registered address in Bulgaria, it is necessary to record the change of company address in the Trade Register. The procedure is similar to that associated with changing the name of a company. It is not obligatory to visit a notary, nor to present a contract for the use of the property. However, to have the ability to apply in the Trade Register for a change of business address, all shareholders will need to sign an updated Articles of Association and management will need to sign several declarations and a power of attorney. There is also a state fee applicable for the process.

To save you time, money, and effort, our specialist can take care of this burdensome task for you. We’ll prepare all the necessary documents, inform you of everything you need to know about the process and ensure a quick resolution.

 Why choose us for company changes

With years of experience, our specialists know exactly what they need to do to ensure a change of company address or other changes in circumstances, saving our clients time and money. Our offices are located in Sofia, but we offer service for the whole country and for English-speaking countries through online solutions. We also provide some of the most affordable services on the market, as we believe that every business deserves access to expert services related to company changes. You can count on us for flexibility, instant responses and reliable results.

Contact us now and let us know how we can help!

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