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Forming a company in Bulgaria can be an important step in doing business the right way, and our network of experts can help you do just that. We offer cost-effective company formation services that are tailored to your specific needs, so you can get started quickly and easily. Plus, our team has in-depth knowledge of any country-specific business formations. No matter where you live, we can help you get started doing business in Bulgaria.

We have experts in every major jurisdiction and can offer you a full range of services to get your business up and running quickly and efficiently. We can handle all the paperwork for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


  Years of experience 

A highly qualified team with many years of experience in the field of accounting.

Guarantee of expertise and professional attitude!

 Security and transparency 

Transparent terms and correct ethical behavior.

Timely reporting, unerring financial advice and business solutions.


Complete confidentiality of your financial information.

Fully electronic based accounting with our own server and cloud storage.

Company formation is never easy. And starting a firm in another country is even more difficult. Obligations, procedures, timings, languages and expenses differ significantly from country to country, but sometimes even between towns and provinces. Business formation services in Bulgaria are designed to help individuals who wish to become business owners register and create their firm officially. In short, company formation is the act of registering a business as a limited company (OOD) or LLC (EOOD) company registration. LLC registration is a popular choice for many as it allows you to reduce the financial responsibility of the individuals who own the business. At MKAFinance, we offer a professional company formation service that is suitable for any type of business.

  • Pick a company name and check if it is available on the Registry Agency website
  • You will need a registration address and a mailing address for the company. It can be one and the same address.
  • You need to choose how much the company capital is going to be. The capital must be BGN 2 (1€) or more.
  • Provide personal details about the company’s manager and partners in order to complete the company’s documents.
  • Choose the company’s objects.

How we can help?

We will register your company according to all requirements. You will get a free consultation on which type of company is best suited to your activity.
We will register your company under the VAT Act and you will have a VAT number to operate in the EU.
Within 5 days your company will be ready to go and you can start operations.
We will assist you with opening a bank account and we can help with payment orders for social security and taxes, via Online passive access.
We will provide you with a registration address in the centre of Sofia for your company and we will act as your representatives before the state institutions.


Why choose MKAFinance
for company registration in Sofia, Bulgaria

As one of the most trusted and reliable company formation agencies in Sofia, Bulgaria, we provide a full service that meets all of our client’s expectations.

We work with trained and qualified professionals with in-depth knowledge of company formation practices in Bulgaria.

Our specialists will be by your side throughout every stage of the process.

We’ll help you fill out any necessary documentation, will provide insights on how much the process costs and what types of fees you need to prepare for, and share any useful information about registering your company.


Benefits of doing business in Bulgaria

One of the benefits of registering a Bulgarian company is that it has some of the lowest setup fees within the European Union. In addition, the required founding capital is only 1€, making it one of the most affordable options for businesses within the EU. Additionally, Bulgaria has a flat rate of 10% for corporate and personal income tax, which is one of the lowest in the EU. Additionally, social security contributions are also relatively low in Bulgaria.
Another major benefit of registering a Bulgarian company is that it enjoys a 0% VAT rate within the EU. This makes it an attractive option for businesses looking to expand into other European countries. Furthermore, the incorporation process is simple, fast, and secure, with most registrations being completed within 24 hours.
Bulgaria also has a number of double taxation treaties with over 70 different countries. This means that businesses registered in Bulgaria can enjoy tax benefits when operating in other countries that have signed these treaties. Overall, Bulgaria offers a number of advantages for businesses looking to set up operations within the EU.

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