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Our team of specialists offers a range of accounting services for clients from different countries. We provide our clients with the opportunity to purchase ready-made companies in Bulgaria. Here is a list of our services designed for taxpayers in Bulgaria or for persons from the EU:


 Years of experience

A highly qualified team with many years of experience in the field of accounting.

Guarantee of expertise and professional attitude!

 Security and transparency 

Transparent terms and correct ethical behavior.

Timely reporting, unerring financial advice and business solutions.


Complete confidentiality of your financial information.

Fully electronic based accounting with our own server and cloud storage.

What kind of services we offer:

  • Residency services in Bulgaria
  • Registration and deregistration of employment contracts in the Territorial Directorates of the NRA by our payroll team
  • Assistance for obtaining a Certificate of long-term residence for a period of 5 years
  • Tax registration and certificate for tax residence in Bulgaria
  • Social security and health insurance in Bulgaria
  • Obtaining a European Health Insurance Card
  • Liquidations of companies
  • A1 certificates for business trips and insurance
  • Reverse charge of VAT in the EU
  • Withholding tax
  • OSS
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How you can buy ready made companies in Bulgaria

We are also specialized in helping clients acquire ready made companies in Bulgaria. Ready made companies are companies that already exist and have their own dedicated company number and VAT registration. When purchasing a ready made company, we can provide immediate company details, allowing the new owner to start using the company as they please instantly. Acquiring a ready made company eliminates waiting times for VAT registration and company incorporation. By purchasing such a company you can also avoid any residency obligations necessary for creating a new limited company in Bulgaria.

The process starts with making a payment for the service. Next, we’ll need to verify and certify the new ownership and directorship via a set of documents submitted to the nearest Bulgarian embassy or general consulate. Alternatively, the procedure can also take place in a local notary public or via a legalization from an apostille. During the change of ownership, company details like name, address, and share capital can be amended. The procedure of changing the company’s circumstances takes up to five working days to complete.

When purchasing a ready made company in Bulgaria, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • No expenses for registering an office address
  • No need to wait for a VAT number
  • No need to go through residency requirements for creating a new limited company

By working with us, you can enjoy a fast, quality, and guaranteed service. Our experts have extensive knowledge and years of practical experience, allowing them to consult you and guide you towards the best options based on your goals. Take advantage of all that a ready made company in Bulgaria can offer and set the start of something new, exciting, and profitable.

Residence permit in Bulgaria

Foreigners who wish to reside in Bulgaria for more than three months must submit an application for a Bulgaria residence permit. The issuance of residence permits for foreigners is governed by the Foreign Nationals in the Republic of Bulgaria Act. There are several types of Bulgarian residence permits that foreign citizens can apply for:

Extended residence permits that come with a maximum validity period of one year and can be used by investors and other parties.
Long-term EU residence permits which are initially provided for five years and can then be renewed after their expiration.
Permanent residence permits which are granted after a specific time period spent lawfully in the country with a valid permit.
Residence certificates that are available for EU citizens who stay in Bulgaria for a period longer than three months, on a long-term basis for a maximum of five years or permanent ones.

In order to apply for a Bulgarian residence permit, all foreign citizens are obliged to acquire a long-stay visa. We can support you in receiving the residence permit that you require and provide the opportunity for a peaceful and productive stay in Bulgaria. We will review all information submitted by every client and we will give you details on the conditions for obtaining the status of residence in the country. Our service covers document preparation for short-term (type C visa for businesses and tourists), long-term (type D visa for businesses, investments, work permits, business trips, and others), and permanent residence in Bulgaria for foreigners. We are also here to support you with consultations, document submissions at the Bulgarian Embassy, and more.

Why choose us for international accounting services in Bulgaria

Expand your business

Our international accounting services in Bulgaria are specifically designed for foreigners looking to create or expand their business in the country. We are based in Sofia but provide services in other parts of the country as well as in English speaking countries.

Online accounting services

We provide online accounting services with cloud-based data storage and we rely on our own servers. This allows us to provide our expertise in different parts of the world and maintain our high-quality standards.




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