Mr. Angelov, how and when did the idea of creating MKAFINANCE come about?

My accounting firm has been serving clients for more than ten years. The idea came about due to the excessive demand for my accounting services from various friends, as well as the many recommendations from satisfied customers that led to me.


What are the main principles in your work that distinguish you from other accounting firms and attract and retain your customers?

Right from the start of my accounting business, the basic principle in its work has been to help people. This has always happened unknowingly on our part, but it has led to many positives in the futures of both our clients and us.
When our clients receive the required attention from us in the form of quick and qualitative advice, they always recommend us to new people, and that way we have significant business growth every year.


Tell us more about the MKAFINANCE team – how do you select your colleagues, what education and experience are you looking for, do you support young people at the start of their professional development?

The team is extremely important to me. Everyone is a professional in a different field of accounting, but also strives to upgrade their knowledge in all of its areas. I have always tolerated the desire for training and development. This is why I make sure to create opportunities for improvement during the entire team’s work process. For instance, seminars focusing on different skills are organized at every opportunity, which helps every single employee become aware of the news and changes in the accounting world.
In our team, we want to be friends, both at work and outside of it. We are planning more and more teambuildings in the future to unite us further.


What are the most common problems that your new customers come to you with and how do you solve them?

Many of our new customers have problems with previous poor accounting. During the first couple of months of serving them, we strive to fix all of their previous issues, so that they could move forward with their business without anything holding them back.
Recently, it has become increasingly difficult for people who are not from Bulgaria to open a bank account here. This makes it challenging for new investors to start a business in the country, which has implications for its economy’s future.


What advice would you give to companies looking for a trusted partner for their accounting services?

I would advise them to seek quality services from their accountant. But also to not change their accountant unthinkingly.


What is MKAFINANCE’s vision for long-term development?

We plan to expand our office space with another room and hire more people on our team; to constantly enrich our knowledge and provide all new customers with services they are happy with.


Many of your clients are international companies, what different services do you offer to them compared to the services meant for Bulgarian clients?

It is customary to communicate with international clients mainly by e-mail. This way, they have everything requested and promised by us written out, and this fact guarantees a 100% fulfillment of their needs. Working with our foreign clients teaches and enriches us in our work with Bulgarian ones. It also helps out Bulgarian customers to adopt more stable methods of communication and work.