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Payroll services are extremely popular in today’s highly dynamic and competitive business world. A lot of businesses prefer to outsource their payroll activities in order to ensure that they are fully legit and well-organized at all times, no matter the changes in laws and regulations on a local or national level. Employee payroll services offer more than merely basic payroll computations. They rely on sophisticated and advanced technology to streamline time-consuming, administrative operations for businesses while also providing employees with outstanding experiences. Outsourced payroll services will provide all necessary payroll activities for the successful management of administrative processes or payroll processing services and HR administration. Our online payroll services offer full confidentiality and offer both printed and electronic solutions.

How MKAFinance can help

By offering professional payroll services, we can help businesses dramatically reduce costs, improve performance, and save time. Outsourcing payroll to a competent business like MKAFinance will add extra value by allowing you to focus more on resolving problems and achieving corporate objectives. We can support you professionally with the preparation of all types of documentation related to employee benefits, employee contacts, work experience certification, sick leave, and more.

About our payroll services 

Our payroll services in Sofia, Bulgaria are designed to help Bulgarian businesses around and manage the full scope of activities that are related to the processing of payroll information. We provide assistance with the preparation of work reports, performance reviews, and pay raises up through the completion of all formal communications with tax authorities for the submission of all required reports, recommendations, and declaration forms. Labour costs are broken down by cost categories and/or reporting periods, departments, comparative analysis, and gross-to-net analysis. We also offer help with the preparation and upkeep of all administrative paperwork required by Bulgarian law in connection with the appointment, termination, and modification of employment terms. Our experts can provide consultations in all areas of labour legal as well as administrative concerns affecting the organization’s employees, such as communicating with representatives from state institutions.

In other words, you can fully rely on us for a complete and timely service that will help you keep your business well-organized and on the right side of the law. Some of the payroll and tax services that we offer include:

  • Preparation of Employment Contracts and registration with NRA
  • Preparation of Additional Agreements to Employment Contracts and Registration at NRA
  • Preparation of orders for termination and registration with NRA
  • Preparation of Paid Leave Orders, Unpaid Leave
  • Preparation of Work Experience Certificates
  • Preparation of contracts for management and control registration in NSSI
  • Preparation of Declaration and registration of self-insured persons at NRA
  • Preparation of Job Descriptions of Company Personnel
  • Preparation of the Internal Labor Code.
  • Preparation, declaration and receipt of insurance books
  • Preparation and submission of declarations for related persons under the Law on the Law on the Environment at the NRA.
  • Preparation of Internal Rules for Formation of Wages.
  • Mediation with Occupational Medicine Services. – Labor Protection Co-operation.
  • Collaboration with Inspections by the Executive Labor Inspectorate.
  • Forming of Workbooks
  • Preparation of Estimated salary payment bills
  • Preparation of Payment orders for the amount of monthly payments due
  • Non-cash payment of salaries.
  • Preparation of Income Statements
  • Preparation of Income Certificates
  • Keeping a Register of Patient Sheets Presented.
  • Registration of the presented hospital sheets in the National Social Security Institute.
  • Filling in Insurance Books
  • Certification of Insurance Books in NSSI
  • Co-operation in revisions by NRA and NSSI.
  • Submission of Declarations Form 1 and 6

Who can benefit from our payroll services 

Our payroll services are created with attention to detail and are suitable for clients of all sizes and types. We provide payroll services for startups, online payroll services for small businesses, and can also offer outstanding solutions for large corporations with hundreds or thousands of employees. No matter what type of industry your business is in, the structure of your organization, or other details, our certified payroll services can help you make sure your business is compliant with payroll tax regulations and laws. We strive to keep our solutions affordable for all. Our prices for payroll services for small businesses are extremely competitive and won’t break your budget.

When offering business payroll services, our experts are continuously monitoring any national or local tax law changes and will immediately inform you to ensure the necessary modifications are made within your organization.

Why outsource payroll tasks to us

It’s a time-consuming procedure to handle employee payroll for your company. Keeping track of benefit deductions, garnishments, new hires and terminations, paid time off, and legislation modifications can be difficult. Payroll outsourcing frees up business owners, personnel in human resources or accounting to focus more on critical activities that may have a direct influence on their profits. In addition, payroll processing costs can be significantly reduced by working with a payroll provider. Large corporations may afford to keep comprehensive payroll departments open but for a small business, this could be pricely and unprofitable.

Furthermore, online payroll solutions provide a secure location for your sensitive payroll data. In addition to redundant backups and multiple server locations, a good payroll service provider has state-of-the-art data storage and protection systems in place simply because it is part of the service delivered to clients. By using professional payroll services, there are a myriad of advantages you can enjoy. You won’t have to worry about mistakes, stress, losing payroll expertise, or spending too much on technology advancement.

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