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Payroll services from qualified personnel with many years of experience in the accounting industry.
At MKAFinance we provide our clients with accurate, timely and reliable financial information,to make informed business decisions.


  Years of experience 

A highly qualified team with many years of experience in the field of accounting.

Guarantee of expertise and professional attitude!

 Security and transparency 

Transparent terms and correct ethical behavior.

Timely reporting, unerring financial advice and business solutions.


Complete confidentiality of your financial information.

Fully electronic based accounting with our own server and cloud storage.

 Payroll services from MKAFinance 

Payroll services are extremely popular in today’s highly dynamic and competitive business world. A lot of businesses prefer to outsource their payroll activities in order to ensure that they are fully legit and well-organized at all times, no matter the changes in laws and regulations on a local or national level. Employee payroll services offer more than merely basic payroll computations. They rely on sophisticated and advanced technology to streamline time-consuming, administrative operations for businesses while also providing employees with outstanding experiences. Outsourced payroll services will provide all necessary payroll activities for the successful management of administrative processes or payroll processing services and HR administration. Our online payroll services offer full confidentiality and offer both printed and electronic solutions.

By offering professional payroll services, we can help businesses dramatically reduce costs, improve performance, and save time. Outsourcing payroll to a competent business like MKAFinance will add extra value by allowing you to focus more on resolving problems and achieving corporate objectives. We can support you professionally with the preparation of all types of documentation related to employee benefits, employee contacts, work experience certification, sick leave, and more.

About our payroll services

Our payroll services in Sofia, Bulgaria are designed to help Bulgarian businesses around and manage the full scope of activities that are related to the processing of payroll information. We provide assistance with the preparation of work reports, performance reviews, and pay raises up through the completion of all formal communications with tax authorities for the submission of all required reports, recommendations, and declaration forms. Labour costs are broken down by cost categories and/or reporting periods, departments, comparative analysis, and gross-to-net analysis. We also offer help with the preparation and upkeep of all administrative paperwork required by Bulgarian law in connection with the appointment, termination, and modification of employment terms. Our experts can provide consultations in all areas of labour legal as well as administrative concerns affecting the organization’s employees, such as communicating with representatives from state institutions.

In other words, you can fully rely on us for a complete and timely service that will help you keep your business well-organized and on the right side of the law. Some of the payroll and tax services that we offer include:

Our Payroll processing services include:

● Preparation and processing of employment contracts, dismissals, fixed-term and civil contracts
● Calculation of staff accruals and deductions
● Calculation of social security and health insurance contributions on behalf of the employer
● Preparation of payments for taxes and wages
● Preparation and submission of statutory declarations for insured persons to the relevant institutions
● Advice on alternatives for the appointment of staff under current legislation
If your company employs staff from another company, our payroll specialists can assist by offering the following services:

● Preparation and registration of contracts with local tax authorities
● Complete execution of payroll processing, including calculation of taxes, social and health insurance contributions and wages, together with related documents
● Preparation of payments for taxes and wages
● Termination of contracts and calculation of compensation
● Advice on alternatives for hiring and firing staff under Bulgarian law
Our experts can ensure that all procedures related to payroll processing in your company are carried out precisely. Here are some of the services you can expect from us:

● Full audit of current agreements/contracts in the organisation
● Verification of calculated wages, social and health insurance contributions and taxes
● Verifying and making adjustments to payments to staff and the state budget
● Verification of the documents related to the insured persons submitted to the relevant institutions
● Developing new strategies and processes
The services we offer for self-insured persons in Bulgaria include the following aspects:

● Registration of a self-employed person
● Preparation and submission of a registration statement
● Calculating monthly social and health insurance contributions and preparing payments
● Preparation and submission of all compulsory declarations relating to insurance - monthly and annual



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