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VAT registration

Trust in the expertise and professional experience for VAT registration. Partnering with a specialist will save you many wasted hours, money and energy.


Years of Experience

A team of highly qualified personnel with many years of experience in the field of accounting.

Guarantee of expertise and professional attitude in company registration!

Security and Transparency

Transparent terms and ethical behaviour.

Submitting information in a timely manner, unmistakable financial advice and business solutions.


Full confidentiality of the set of financial information.

Fully electronic accounting with its own server and cloud storage.

What is VAT

VAT, or value added tax, is a tax levied on the consumption of goods and services. This indirect tax is levied on sales and the consumers of the goods or services purchased are responsible for its burden.

The amount of VAT tax in Bulgaria is 20% of the value of all goods or services purchased or received. This tax is added to the country’s budget and plays an important role in providing a large share of its revenue.

There are many specific laws regarding VAT which are governed by the VAT Act or the Value Added Tax Act. Although companies or traders in Bulgaria can take care of VAT verification or VAT registration on their own, most of them choose to trust experienced experts in the field.




When should we be VAT registered?

Registration under the VAT Act may be mandatory or voluntary. When it comes to compulsory VAT registration of an individual or a company, there are several cases.

First of all, a company is subject to compulsory VAT registration when its turnover reaches BGN 100 000 for the previous 12 months. Registration is also compulsory if turnover reaches this amount in a shorter period than two consecutive calendar months.

VAT registration is compulsory when receiving services from abroad, when providing services to companies from other EU countries, when supplying telecommunication services or radio and television services, and when selling goods remotely.

It is compulsory to register for VAT if you supply goods with assembly and installation, make intra-Community acquisitions of goods or when converting a trading company.

It is quite normal if you have no experience in this area to be puzzled and confused as to whether your company is subject to compulsory VAT registration. At MKAFinance, we can help with VAT registration checks. Relying on a specialist will save you a number of legal hassles and potential losses for your business.

VAT company registration

The standard procedure for registering an Ltd or other type of VAT company requires at least several visits to the NRA, the preparation of a number of documents, verification of important data and other key elements.

For successful VAT registration, you are likely to go through conundrums and stress. By choosing MKAFinance as your partner, you can save yourself all that.

We offer saving all these hassles by taking everything related to registration in our hands. We will take care of gathering the necessary data and preparing the documents, file the paperwork with the NRA, pick up the documents when they are reviewed and ready, and complete the entire process for you.

In the meantime, you can safely focus on other priorities related to the development of your business.

VAT registration documents and details

Necessary Documents:

  • Application for registration
  • Statement of taxable turnover for the last one year
  • Declaration of no criminal convictions or proceedings
  • Power of Attorney
  • Questionnaire by model

Necessary details:

  • Company name
  • Description of the activity
  • Company term (If relevant)
  • Seat and address of the company
  • Founding members
  • Capital
  • Nominal value of a share of the capital
  • Number of company shares
  • Allocation of shares by partners
  • Manager
  • Form of representation

VAT registration of foreign persons

If you are a foreign person making taxable supplies of goods or services in Bulgaria, you need to register for VAT. This rule applies regardless of your turnover.

You do not need to register if:

  • Your supplies fall under the Union, non-EU or distance selling regimes for goods imported from third countries or territories.
  • You are already registered for VAT in another Member State for one of these schemes.
  • You only make supplies for which you are registered under Articles 154 and 156 of the VAT Act (for special schemes).

Registration under Articles 154 and/or 156:

  • If you are registered under Articles 154 and/or 156 of the VAT Act and you become liable to register for VAT under another Article of the Act, you must register in accordance with the procedures and within the time limits for compulsory registration.
  • The same applies if you decide to register for VAT by choice.


  • You are a foreign company selling goods online to Bulgarian customers.
  • You must register for VAT in Bulgaria regardless of your turnover.
  • You have 7 days from the date on which the tax on your first sale becomes chargeable to apply for registration.


  • It is advisable to consult an accountancy firm to assist you in the VAT registration process.

Optional VAT company registration

All those who are not legally obliged to register may do so of their own free will. Legal persons (companies) who are not obliged to register for VAT on imports of goods from the EU may do so if they wish.

But what are the benefits of VAT registration? You get back the VAT on goods and services you have purchased for your business, you become more competitive in the market and you can trade with other VAT registrants.

Why choose us for VAT registration?

In MKAFinance you will find a reliable and loyal partner who will help you prepare all the necessary documents for VAT registration.

We will provide assistance with VAT verification, as well as active participation in the accounting of your company, the management of the company’s payroll and other additional activities.

Our team is distinguished by years of experience, qualified experts and enthusiasm for work. We consider the services we offer to be crucial for individuals and businesses that aim for growth and success.

You can count on us for consummate professionalism, ease of work and flexibility. We are available to provide support and assistance at any time, regardless of the size of your company or your financial stability as an entity.

Our rates are affordable and our quality of service guaranteed.

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