VAT registration for an EU company

The VAT registration in Bulgaria for a EU Foreign company will be something which can happen without any additional problems from the National Revenue Agency. The registration itself takes 14 days.

Regarding the VAT registration, the needed documents are as follows:

1. Only for the manager of the company: a claim for issuing of personal identification number (a special form which we will prepare).
2. Claim for issuing of identification number for the company (another special form NRA we will prepare).
3. Application form for the VAT registration. (another special form NRA we will prepare).
4. Declaration under art. 74 signed by the manager. In general here you have to declare that you have no criminal proceedings against the tax system. (a special form which we will prepare and send to you for signing).
5. Turnover report for the last 12 months; (a form which we will prepare).
6. Application and declaration under art. 101 p. from 5 VAT Act – with this document you inform the Bulgarian National revenue agency about your official e-mail address. In case of change you have to inform the NRA about it within 7 days. (a form which we will prepare and send to you for signing).
7. Official (signed and stamped) document by the authorized Greece Agency for the main activity of the company.
8. Certified Certificate (official) from the Chamber of Commerce in Greece if such registration exists – provided by the company.
9. Translation and legalization of a Certificate of current status and the Company Tax Registration Certificate (in Greece).
10. Power of attorney for the person who has to submit the above mentioned documents.

Note: All documents in a foreign language are to be translated into Bulgarian by a sworn translator

The process needs a lot of documentation to be prepared and some simple mistakes can cause a rejection. Rely on the expertise of professional lawyers and accountants. Benefit from the services of MKAfinance. They will take care of the entire company registration process, registration under DDS (the Bulgarian VAT) and any other procedure you need done! You can also rely on them for payroll and accounting services. MKAfinance could be your trusted partner, all you have to do is contact them now and don’t hesitate to ask your important questions.